Fleshing It Out: Why I like words




A sad sight for word nerds and graphic artists. Photo by smswigart on Flickr.


Frameworks. I like ’em. I have a special, passionate fondness for a well constructed *linguistic* framework. (Co-opted the term from Carnap but will be using it in a more general fashion to denote the way we, as a species, interact via language.)

Defined terms, clearly stated concepts, articulated arguments are important to me because life is so grey, so full of colors. The very little black and white that I am willing to accept (the linguistic clarity) frames that color, those shades of grey. The words we use are important — they have power, the power we give them to support our experiences. Even when I’m not hung up on specific terminology, the destinctions we make in words are incredibly relevant to constructive experiences and interactions.

I enjoy the definition/ defining process as an exercise that creates the skeleton hang all the mushy organs, hard working muscle and permeable skin of our actualized encounters with the world. If the skeleton is broken, weak or ill-constructed, the body is less effective. Hell, it may not work at all. I like creative chaos but I love to work within a well made framework more.


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