Gyesika Safety

Gyesika Safety has spent her life reconciling the opposites in her world. She flew alone for the first time at the age of three (with the help of some lovely flight attendants) from Montreal to Toronto and traveled extensively in her youth, experiencing Japan, Europe, Africa, and North America. This set the tone for her curiosity and interest in finding the similarity in disparate concepts, people and experiences. Working towards being a therapist, an unapologetic, radically honest bitch; she values empathy, compassion and kindness. You can find her knitting, boggling at her dog, Chewie or taking long drives.

History Of The Blog Title

  1. 1.
    (especially of a deity or spirit) embodied in flesh; in human form.
    “God incarnate”

A friend, many years, in a galaxy far far away (well, Irvine, CA) said “Gyes, the thing I really appreciate and find fascinating about you is that you’re a Dichotomy Incarnate. I don’t know how you reconcile opposites so well but it’s really fascinating.”

As a Roman Catholic, this was the single best and most humbling compliment she ever received.


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